At Lifestream Nutritionals

We are passionate and committed to bringing our clients the highest quality of nutritional products. These products have an impeccable lineage. That means not only the quality certification of the manufacturer (minimum 6 mp) but shipping directly from qualified companies directly to our site. This ensures the products are not subject to heat, aging, counterfeiting, etc. On our premises, all products are stored at optimal temperatures inside, clean, cold & dry.

It is from personal experience that Dr. Pesante has learned how to assess which products are of the highest quality – but that isn’t enough. We hope to educate our clients on why it is important to know where your products are made and shipped from. With the counterfeit business rampant at many well known online retailers we can assure you that our products are exactly what you are ordering .

Our nutraceuticals are exclusive professional formulas. With Lifestream Nutritionals commitment and informed selections, we hope to provide the tools for all our clients to realize their optimal health and wellbeing.

This means all our products must meet the minimum of GMP standards. We order directly from the company so that it comes directly to us, ensuring optimal original purity and confidence.