About Our Team

Dr. Pesante

Nina Pesante MD is a practicing psychiatrist. She is proud to have been raised and educated in Upstate New York. Her “second” medical education began when she discovered the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2004. To learn more about Dr. Pesante, please visit her website http://www.ninapesantemd.com/.

Dr. Pesante and her family use many of the supplements she makes available in her store. She has taken vitamins since she was a girl, and values them as an integral tool to optimal wellness. She attends many conferences each year, some IFM, and other integrative organizations. Last year she also attended ILADS and our excellent local lyme conference.

At her conferences, she makes time to speak with the companies who manufacture premium quality supplements. She loves to inquire about their products and learn the various nuances in employing nutraceuticals.

She recently became aware of the problems that can arise after a product leaves the factory — counterfeiting, degradation of the product, receiving aged or mishandled supplements. These contingencies turn actuating a wise health move into an uncertain uneasy gamble.

After realizing that obtaining a great product is no guarantee of quality, she decided to embark on providing pristine supplements to her patients and the community. She is dedicated to bringing her knowledge and opportunity to obtain impeccable nutraceuticals.

Dr. Pesante is confident that proper use can improve healing with the researched and pharmacy grade products.

We are committed to bringing our clients the highest grade of Nutraceutical products available on the market today in pristine condition

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